A Bit About Me

It's nice to meet you

I am a 28 year old ENFJ based out of Ohio. Although I feel my body belongs near the water, there is something about this place that deepens my roots. The inspiration behind my business started when I gave birth to my first born. Eleanor is my spunky, sharp and strong willed daughter. She blinded me with her beauty, character and drove me to start doing what I loved. I wanted her to see someones passion come to life. I love that we are all created equally but go on to do and live so many different stories.


The Citrus Experience

When I am not taking photos, what the heck am I even doing? I'll tell you actually. I am wrangling two toddlers into a bath, into high chairs, into carseats and playing tickle monster 95% of the time. The Citrus Collection started after I brought my first born (Eleanor age 3) home from the hospital. During postpartum you still have those strong cravings for weird food that you tend to have during pregnancy. Well my craving... obsession... were HUGE naval oranges. I crushed 3 full oranges a night before bed. I even went as far as getting an orange tattoo dedicated to those first few months of newborn bliss. I am a pisces so I rely heavy on emotion and I am extremely sentimental so this business of mine is much more than just a job. It's my baby, inspired by my own babies.

I have to give a little shoutout to the man behind the scenes. My husband Nathan, although pretty analytical and more of a realist he has pushed me and supported me 100% during this journey. Countless nights of putting both kids to bed while I am out shooting engagement sessions. Helping me work through ideas and dreams I have for myself and The Citrus Collection. He's the type who without a second thought would tell me to hop on a plane for a destination wedding and hold down the fort back at home. I couldn't ask for anything more from a partner in life.

A few fun facts about me.

  1. I got married when I was 20 years old (a little over 7 years ago) Pinterest wasn't as big of a thing back then and I was the most laid back bride you could have imagined. Neither of us cared what the venue looked like or what we would wear, we just wanted to get married! & that's why we tied the knot only two months after he popped the question!
  2. I am very passionate about fitness. It truly changes my mood the minute I begin a workout. I am here on this earth to live as long as I can and use my body to the best of it's capabilities so I can see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow. I am always looking for a running partner so if you are down I am there!
  3. I moved around A LOT as a kid and although I do love to travel and take vacations I am a hometown kind of girl. I want to create roots and give my children their "family home." Somewhere everyone goes for holidays, bad days, good days. *Plays "crowded table" by the Highwomen.*
  4. I have always been a very social person, I love getting to know anyone and everyone. Deep convos with strangers are my love language.
  5. If I am watching TV now, as a mother of two. It's Greys or the Bachelorette/Bachelor and it's split up between multiple nights because I am oh so tired lol. Before motherhood, any and all reality TV and then every sad movie or TV show you could possibly think of. My husband and I stopped watching scary movies about 4.5 years ago. I think we scared ourselves one too many times and decided those vibes don't belong in our house.
  6. When I was a kid, I lived in the water. I was a legitimate fish. My soul is just beaming when I am by the pool, lake, ocean. I feel so connected to it & and I can't wait until Nathan and I can buy a little place by the water where we can spend our summers with our kids!
  7. If I wasn't doing photography I would most likely be in some kind of communications/marketing field, fitness instructor or just a full time mama like I am now. If you've made it this far, I applaud you!


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