Dave + Lillian

There aren't enough words to describe the pureness of this session. Lillian has been through the most during this pregnancy. Before I get into that, I'd like to go back to when I first saw Lillian on instagram. She works at one of the coolest salons I've ever seen called Parlour Cincinnati, if you have the chance to go check out that place I would highly recommend it! She is a certified hair and extension specialist and a damn good stylist to say the least. Her style and vibe from her wardrobe to the way she has decorated her home is just the perfect combination of boho meets minimalism.

Lillian has been struggling with Crohn's disease for 6 years. In Februrary of 2020 she was hospitalized for a week and was told she had a narrowing in the GI track above her stomach. This made her throw up and in turn lost a ton of weight. She was put on steroids which helped for a few months, she tapered off of the steroids and got pregnant during this time. In July/August the same flare happened and she was hospitalized again for two weeks at Good Sam. They didn't know what do to with her. She ended up needing a feeding tube in her nose and it got lodged into her bowel. She was transported to the Cleveland clinic where she under went a 5 hour surgery getting bypass to remove part of her colon all while being 19 weeks pregnant. (I am tearing up just writing this, being a mother of two, I know how scary it can be to just be pregnant and carry life within you. The immense need to protect that life is overwhelming. So This is so hard for me to sort through these emotions.)

Lillian spent a total of 32 days in the hospital, spending any time in the hospital is absolute hell so I couldn't imagine going through something like this. What a freaking warrior. The strength she has to put forth every single day to battle this disease is incredible and I truly do not know how she does it. Lillian, if you are reading this. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS and you are going to shine in motherhood.

I love photographing first time parents because everything is so new and exciting. Transferring from being a couple to having a third little being in the house is hands down the biggest adventure in life alone. They are more than ready to meet this little boy. She wanted every little detail captured of this pregnancy and I know I love the details so this was a match made in heaven.

Not only were Dave and Lillian so welcoming but they are cool as heck. I spent so much time getting to know them and it was just a breath of fresh air. Needless to say I can not wait until this little boy arrives. I'm just dying to see this couple turn into the most badass parents. Kappa boy is a lucky little lad!